Why engage an Influencer Marketing agency?

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With 75% of marketers planning on investing in influencer marketing in 2022, it’s no longer just a fad. The strategy has been proven time and again as one of the most effective ways to grow your brand awareness while simultaneously engaging with consumers online!

Influencer marketing is a hot new trend that has been gaining momentum over the past years. Things are tough in the influencer marketing space. You can’t just pay someone with a large following to post for you and get impressive results anymore – it has become more strategic than that, which is great!

Influencer Marketing is not simply about finding & paying an influencer to post about your brand or product or service. If you go with such a strategy, you’re doing something as good as burning money and wasting your marketing budget.

With most brands still struggling to get influencer marketing right, it’s no wonder that the majority of companies do not have an accurate understanding of how best to use this new marketing strategy. The latest report from Influencer Marketing Benchmark reveals some interesting facts about brands trying to experiment with Influencer Marketing themselves :

    • 31% report that they have experienced influencer fraud (fake profiles are plenty out there)
    • 28.1% struggle with measuring ROI and tracking conversions for their campaigns
    • 27.4% say they have difficulty finding the right influencers that can best represent their brand

      Above numbers collected from data from more than 2000 professionals and brands.

      And that’s just some of their struggles.

      Here’s the big question: Why hire an agency (like us) when you can try running your Influencer Marketing campaigns by yourself or in-house?

      First: What Does an Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

      Influencer marketing agencies usually specialize only in one marketing purpose: Influencer Marketing. We can’t speak for the rest of the Influencer Marketing agencies in Singapore, but here at Social Jet, our processes include:

        • Drafting a campaign brief
        • Sourcing talent that can best represent your brand
        • Pitching your brand & campaign objectives to our talents
        • Handling of individual contracts and legal terms
        • Collecting and delivering your physical products (if any) to shortlisted creators to begin creating content
        • Deliverables vetting & management
        • Providing full creative rights & legal usage for your brand
        Some added benefits of working with us:

        A Ready Network: Don’t underestimate the trouble of reaching out, making offers, or negotiating terms with influencers. There’s a lot of back & forth. A successful influencer receives plenty of brand requests daily. There’s a good chance you might get ignored or them not wanting to work with you. With our strong onboarded network of over 300+ influencers with a total combined audience size of 2 million Singaporeans, you can leave this heavy lifting to us.

        Proven Strategies: The key to successful influencer marketing is strategizing. You can’t just throw money at big names like Jian Hao or Naomi Neo and expect thousands of dollars in revenue from their followers. With our proven processes, you can expect a much higher ROI for your marketing dollars.

        Fully Managed Service: Running an influencer marketing campaign can be a time-consuming and difficult process. It requires working with and vetting the influencers you want to work on your behalf as well as making sure that their audience aligns perfectly with what is desired by yours and helping them understand campaign objectives in detail. There are so many processes involved it would be very time-consuming for a marketing team to discover and experiment with.

        When it comes to Influencer Marketing, there is no better way than hiring an influencer marketing agency like us. Influencers are like the mutual friends of your customers; they know exactly what will appeal to and motivate them. And when you hire us, you’re hiring experts to get the campaign started and finished for you.

        Outsourcing your influencer marketing to Social Jet ensures you are in expert hands, get excellent results, and avoid unnecessary headaches. Since you’ve read till here, why wait? Get in touch with our team today and find out if we’re the right fit for each other!