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How to Unlock Explosive Brand Engagement, Boost Sales, and Cultivate a Community of Devoted Customers with Strategic UGC Marketing in Just 30 Days

No Need for Social Media Posts or Costly PR Campaigns

Most brands rely on brand-generated content and ads on social media platforms.

However, as traditional advertising tends to be formulaic and lacks the authenticity and relatability of valuable user-generated content (UGC), consumers can now easily spot promotional content.

User-generated content is content created by real customers and users.

It’s not your brand talking about itself repeatedly; it’s the voice of your satisfied customers sharing their experiences in their own words.

These are real ‘everyday people’ who often have no direct affiliation with the brand itself yet remain a powerful asset for businesses.

They use your product or service, craft narratives around their experiences, and share them in an engaging and relatable manner.

Why settle for standard ads when you can have genuine endorsements, boosting trust and authenticity and driving conversions?

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I’m Joel from Social Jet, and I help Direct-To-Consumer brands in Singapore exponentially increase their brand awareness, credibility, and sales with influencers.

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See the Real Results: Brands That Achieve Explosive Brand Awareness With Our Proven UGC Strategy

Secured Celebrities, Models, & International DJs
With 4 Million Reach & $98,000 PR Value

MDNT:45 (A Ukrainian-Based Made-to-Order E-Commerce Clothing Business)

The Challenge

The brand was already doing well but needed to create content following a sustainable Influencer Strategy to not lose out to competitor brands that were actively working with Influencers.

They had never worked with Influencers and needed to create an Influencer program fast.

The Solution

Engaged Social Jet’s consumer-generated content strategy.

We reached out to Micro and Macro Fashion Influencers in their core markets (U.S. and UK) and arranged media kits (Influencer Seeding) to secure postings.

We measured conversions with unique promo codes and an activation app within Shopify.

The Results

We created their first-ever Influencer Program and secured more than 50 influencers, including Celebrities, Models, and even international DJs, reaching a combined network of over 4 million people.

We created an online craze for their clothing products through influencers with a total earned PR value of $98,000

Connected with 150+ Influencers and
Reached 1.3M People

Millionaireasia (Publication company highlighting Millionaires in Asia, boasting a readership of over 80,000 individuals in Asia)

The Challenge

They wanted to invite ladies aged 18+ who are keen on Web 3 and Social Media to join a Women’s Empowerment Competition.

They needed brand visibility and awareness online on their social media channels to gather interest and participants.

The Solution

Engaged Social Jet’s user-generated content marketing strategy.

Our team sent invites & liaised with over 1000 Influencers & Content Creators in Singapore & Malaysia who had strong personal brands & values.

The Results

Within 2 months, we connected them with 150 Influencers who came down to their launch party over a weekend.

420+ postings were shared across Instagram & TikTok, reaching an estimated 1.3 million people, with over 65,000 active engagements across social media and had everyone raving about their brand.

Reached 200,000 People Online and Grew by 15.2% In Account Followers in 2 Weeks

Citi (One of the Largest and Most Well-Known Financial Services Conglomerates in the World)

The Challenge

Citi needed strong local Influencers to headline the launch of Life and Money, their content arm for all things personal finance.

The Solution

Engaged Social Jet’s user-generated content marketing strategy.

We handpicked credible & outspoken individuals who also passed stringent brand checks and could carry the reputable Citi brand and image.

Our team developed a storytelling concept for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to share their personal encounters with money to initiate discussions on personal finance and money management.

We created intimate and thoughtful content pieces that evoked curiosity and encouraged Singaporeans to re-evaluate their perspectives on life and money

The Results

Reached an online audience of approx 200,000 people and a 15.2% growth in account followers, all within a 2-week period.

176K Audience Reached In Just 2 Weeks
With 3x ROI

Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium
(Singapore’s Department Store that Specialises in Chinese Products)

The Challenge

The heritage brand wanted to launch its Qipao (Chinese wear) collection and create brand awareness of its new product catalogue. They wanted Chinese Influencers who could also model their clothing.

The Solution

Engaged with Social Jet’s UGC campaign.

We got our Influencers to attend a Qipao-making workshop and learn about the rich heritage of Qipao. Craftsmen from Suzhou, China, were also flown in for the workshop.

Our Influencers created entertaining content that delighted their audience with the lesser-known facts about Qipao and drove their followers to visit the Chinatown outlet to shop their new collection.

The Results

Within 2 weekends, the brand reached an online audience of approx 176,000 people with an impressive 8,000+ social media users, amassing a media value worth almost 3x the ROI.

Reached 800K+ Users in Different Social Media Platforms in 2 Months

BREAKTHROUGH LAB (A health & wellness startup specialising in anti-hangover supplements)

The Challenge

As a new player in the market, they wanted to spread the word through influencer marketing, partnering with creators and positioning their products as the ultimate go-to solution for hangovers.

The Solution

An Influencer Strategy targeting Content Creators of various niches and audiences – from the working adult to the university student.

The Results

Within 2 months, we got 50+ Influencers involved in their product launch, with over 800,000 people reached across Social Media.

We also collaborated with PRISM Nightclub to further amplify their products with party-goers and create over 100+ content pieces to repurpose across their channels.

Sparked An Online Craze With Over Half A Million Reach for Skincare Products in Just 60 Days

laCabine (European Skincare Brand With an International Footprint in Over 30 Countries, With Over 10 Years of Proven Results)

The Challenge

laCabine wanted to launch their new serum moisturiser product and needed social proof locally to entice consumers to shop after seeing results.

The Solution

In the big sea of skincare brands and products, we wanted to avoid a basic campaign with Influencers just posing with the product.

Instead, we created a skincare journey campaign and got all of them to add it to their skincare routine and use it for 3 weeks consistently, and share daily postings and results to create top-of-mind recall for their audience.

The Results

In just 2 months, we secured 200+ influencer posts across social media.

Their product flooded social media and sparked an online craze, reaching more than half a million people with an impressive media value of $117,000.

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