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How To Achieve Explosive Brand Awareness, Drive Sales, And Build A Loyal Community Of Customers Through Our Full-Funnel Influencer Marketing In Just 30 Days

Without Posting Content On Social Media Platforms & Paying For Public Relations

Most businesses hire social media marketing agencies to do brand-generated content and ads…

But consumers are getting more sceptical and sophisticated.
They want real reviews from people they trust and like, people who are just like them.

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Consumers are now buying products and services from influencers they resonate with.

So what is this new way of marketing that has been driving this exponential growth in brand awareness and sales that doesn’t require social media management?

social media marketing singapore

It’s Influencer Generated Content.

This type of content involves micro-influencers with a strong audience size… 

They use your product, tell a story about it, and promote it in an engaging manner, creating influencer marketing campaigns.

So instead of your ideal customers seeing you talk about your product again and again…
They hear it from different people they love and trust — People with a strong audience and following on social media.

UGC will exponentially increase your brand awareness, credibility, and sales.

That’s exactly how so many brands with mainstream products blow up, like Omnidesk, Sterra, Prism, Secret Lab & Renopedia.

The list goes on.

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I’m Joel from Social Jet, and I help Direct-To-Consumer brands in Singapore exponentially increase their brand awareness, credibility, and sales with influencers.

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See the Real Results: Brands That Achieve Explosive Brand Awareness With Our Proven Strategy

Secured Celebrities, Models, & International DJs
With 4 Million Reach & $98,000 PR Value

MDNT:45(E-Commerce Clothing Business)

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Needed to create a sustainable influencer strategy for their clothing products to stand out from competitors
  • Engaged Social Jet’s influencer marketing services
  • Our team reached out to micro & macro influencers in core markets (US and UK)
  • We created their first-ever influencer campaigns
  • Secured 50+ influencers, including celebrities, models, & international DJs
  • Reached a combined audience of over 4M individuals
  • Created an online craze for their clothing products
  • Achieved an earned PR value of $98,000

Connected with 150+ Influencers and
Reached 1.3M People Millionaireasia

Millionaireasia (Publication Company Highlighting Millionaires in Asia)

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Wanted to increase brand visibility and awareness online
  • Engaged Social Jet’s influencer marketing campaign services
  • Our team invited 1000+ influencers in Singapore & Malaysia with strong personal brands
  • Within 2 months, we connected them with 150 influencers who came down to their launch
  • Generated 420+ Instagram & TikTok posts, reaching around 1.3 million people
  • Achieved over 65,000 active social media engagements.
  • Built buzz and had everyone raving about their brand

Secured 70+ Influencers Within 2 Weeks & Generated $53,000 Earned PR Value

BUZUD Singapore
(Global Medical Equipment Manufacturer)

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Wanted to boost their PR coverage on personal healthcare management
  • Engaged Social Jet’s global influencer marketing company
  • Our team invited 1000+ influencers in Singapore & Malaysia with strong personal brands
  • Invited our influencers & media partners for an experiential event targeting families & healthcare professionals
  • Generated 100+ organic social media posts, enhancing brand visibility
  • Earned media value of $53,000 and coverage in top-tier media platforms like The Straits Times

176K Audience Reached In Just 2 Weeks
With 3x ROI

Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium
(Singapore’s Department Store that Specialises in Chinese Products)

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • 70+ social media influencers attended with families and friends within 2 weeks
  • Wanted to generate brand awareness for their new product catalogue
  • Engaged Social Jet’s influencer campaign service
  • Organised a Qipao-making workshop for influencers
  • Influencers created engaging content about Qipao’s heritage
  • Content encouraged followers to visit Chinatown outlet for shopping
  • Reached around 176,000 online audiences within 2 weekends
  • Achieved 8,000+ active engagements on the content
  • Amassed media value worth almost 3x the ROI

Sparked An Online Craze With Over Half A Million Reach for Skincare Products in Just 60 Days

laCabine(European Skincare Brand)

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Wanted to launch a new serum-moisturiser product and needed local social proof to attract consumers
  • Engaged Social Jet’s influencer marketing channels
  • Designed a skincare journey campaign
  • Got influencers to incorporate laCabine’s product into their routine for 3 weeks
  • Secured 200+ influencer posts on social media channels in 2 months
  • Product became a sensation online, reaching 500,000+ people
  • Generated impressive media value: $117,000

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