How We Got Started

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Uncategorized

As a founder myself, I understand the struggles of running a brand and the intricate marketing strategies involved. I started diving into the web in 2009. Back then the infrastructure for Web 2.0 was still being developed. The return on ad spend (ROAS) on Facebook ads was easily 10,20,30x (nowadays any ad campaign that can return >3x is considered well above average). I created my own web forum to chat with web administrators and learn about all the digital tools involved.

Fast forward a few years, I became an e-commerce entrepreneur and sold plenty of goods online ranging from electronics to jewelry, to flowers, to watches, and started my own clothing line. I dived into various retail arbitrage ventures and collaborated with people locally and abroad.

Jumping to the present, I have started and run several businesses, and I work full-time to help different brands (locally & overseas) in business strategy, marketing, and scaling. I now am focusing my efforts solely to help brands with Influencer Marketing.

Social Jet got started when I saw a gap in the market amidst plenty of digital marketing agencies in Singapore. All of them are very heavy on Facebook advertising and Google ads which worked very well for brands prior to the iOS 14 update that basically disrupted Facebook’s core business – their ads. Less targeting, less return on ad spend, less tracking, less powerful. I saw this as a new era of digital marketing and that brands are going to start diversifying their marketing efforts.

While there aren’t many Influencer Marketing agencies in Singapore, the ones that exist mostly are very big (and expensive) media agencies or smaller ones that seem to just hire and pay influencers to hit client KPIs and give influencers copy-paste content with no authenticity or quality.

At Social Jet, we’re a boutique agency serving small-medium brands, combining tech, artificial intelligence, automation, and also manual analysis, to help brands run strategic, well-thought-out campaigns. We cap and sometimes waitlist our monthly client intake to ensure we can fully focus on every client we onboard at our agency.

Influencer Marketing is no longer just about finding an influencer and paying them $300 for a selfie and a copy-paste caption. There are a lot of other processes and strategies involved. Get in touch with us today and let us help explore new targeted audiences for your brand.